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the kind of whites who follow him or anyone from his cohort, because they see the alt-right as a weird subculture of degenerate urbanites and suburbanites obsessed with gay whoosh haircuts, gay dance music, and nattering on about nonsense terms like “fashy” or “white sharia” all day long without realizing how nuts they look to everyone outside of their social circles. The alt-right has become a hindrance to nationalism, and that’s why it’s getting flushed down the toilet.The reason why President Trump hasn’t lifted a finger to support the alt-right, despite your support for him and all the physical and online attacks you’ve suffered since he took office, is because he wants you gone just as much as the left does.Over a year ago in Chicago, I watched as several thousand Move agitators, armed with Mexican and communist flags and Bernie Sanders campaign signs, invaded the UIC Pavilion and start a full-scale riot For that matter, they somehow missed the attacks leftists have launched against events by Milo Yiannopoulos, Roosh V, and other dissident right figures over the past two years.Like Chicago, Charlottesville is a Democratic-run city in a Democratic-run state.The majority of the working-class whites who voted Trump into power and Brexit into law have heard of the alt-right, and the more they learn about them, the more repulsive they find them.The people I grew up with—working-class, Trump-supporting, church-going nationalists from the Rust Belt, i.e.

The rest of the Internet didn’t have a problem making fun of Spencer.For crying out loud, James Alex Fields, Jr., the Nazi LARPer weirdo who killed a woman at Charlottesville, is a perfect example of their breed.Not only was the alt-right’s leadership failing to provide these young men with masculine guidance, as the “Third Jimpact” showed, they were actively taking advantage of their naivete and feeding their worst traits.You tried to claim I wasn’t “really” alt-right, even though I’ve been writing in this part of the Internet since before most of you got your first pubes.You tried to push aside my arguments by calling me “fat” or bringing up the fact that I’ve slept with Asian women, as if my weight or my past actions have any bearing on the truth of my words.

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