Jokes about workplace dating

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Jokes about workplace dating

Yet, while Larry King, Rush Limbaugh and the Washington Post revel in increased revenues, HR pros know they’re watching a dramatic display of the dangers of office liaisons—threats to worker competence, lowered productivity, demoralized co-workers, secrecy, potential conflict-of-interest, and worst of all, claims of invasion of privacy and sexual-harassment lawsuits.We may titter, but even with all of the problems, we also know it won’t go away. Predictably, because of the glitz and visibility of recent cases, there’s a rush to prevent similar bad outcomes throughout every level of society.A well-told workplace safety joke can be a great icebreaker at a safety seminar or presentation. At the end of the day, as the foreman came out to go home, the man was sitting up, but still hadn't moved from the spot. The paramedics arrived to see the man standing there with 10 fingers protruding from his mouth.

Just ask Abigail Van Buren, the woman who has been offering advice for more than 40 years through her Dear Abby column.

As they headed to the hospital, the driver asked his partner how the man was doing.

"Oh, he's fine," the paramedic said, "but you better floor it. We don't allow loitering," he barked as he went inside. At lunchtime, the foreman noticed the man still lying on the ground, barely moving.

A software firm has a product that offers drop-down lists of choices for HR’s preferred responses to office romances.

One city agency in California requires disclosure before the first kiss.

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What they do in there is their own business, but we’re tired of covering up for them when the boss comes looking for Sissy. — THE OFFICE GANG DEAR GANG: Next time the boss comes looking for Sissy, tell him to look in the file room under ‘Marvin.’ Says Abby in an interview with Workforce: “Office romances have occurred ever since men and women have been thrown together in the workplace.” Indeed, people haven’t changed.

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