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Iran camera chat with sexy girls

That scares the heck out of less educated, fundamentalist, small-town Iranians, which is the political core of the Islamic Revolution and guys like Ahmadinejad.

After all, this is a country that lost a quarter of a million people fighting Saddam Hussein, when Iraq, funded by the United States, invaded Iran.

'"Steves laughed out loud when he read that line, he told me. He's so good-natured and devoted in his PBS travel specials to showing places that Fodor's would never send tourists to in their floral shirts that he's created a monstrous new travel industry. But there's an activist side to Steves that many of his fans may not be aware of.

He's the apotheosis of the anti-Carnival Cruise crowd. Behind his abnormal geniality thrums a daring political agenda.

We should be represented by politicians who want America to act as a good global neighbor.

Steves' agenda is epitomized in his recent TV special on Iran.

At the request of a friend in the United Nations to help "build understanding between Iran and the U.

But the passions are strong enough and technologies of mass horror are accessible enough that radicals/heroes/terrorists/martyrs from angry lands …And they remember the invasion like it was yesterday to them.It's amazing: They have a quarter of our population and they lost a quarter of a million people, fighting Hussein. I just feel we underestimate the spine of these people. And their values are not to destroy America and Israel.Not a didactic one, mind you, but a Rick Steves one.In short, Steves wants Americans to get over themselves. "Everybody should travel before they vote," he has written.

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I had people walk across the street to tell me they don't want their kids to be raised like Britney Spears.

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