Dating more than one girl

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Dating more than one girl

The dagger..30% fully disclosed their dating habits to all people they were dating.Today, with so many ways for us to date/flirt via online dating, social media, and mobile applications, we're organically trending towards a society of "aggregate" daters.There are two ways to date: sequentially (one at a time) or aggregately (more than one at a time).If you choose the former, I guarantee, on average, you'll deal with more heartache and finding your partner to jump the broom will take longer!

Wouldn't it have been great to have had the opportunity to compare apples to apples?The bottom line is that if you choose to date sequentially, on average, it will take you longer to meet your beloved.According to my calculations, nearly 5 times longer.Well, when dating aggregately, you won't face this issue.In real-time you can see how they stack-up against the competition.

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The key is to own up to it and be honest about what you're doing.

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