Dating fender output transformers

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Although there is some duplication it does mean I can use the familiar Avo Data Manual settings and it works well for me.I think Martin Manning's additional switches are a great idea and I've incorporated these on the back panel. I included the image of Tasmania's sadly now extinct marsupial the Thylacine on the case to remind me of my u Tracer's journey around the world during its construction.The circuit board and parts are first rate and the construction manual is very detailed and easy to follow.

Best regards Andreas 9th of July 2017, Antnio Gomes from Portugal did a first Beta test of his u Tracer.

On one of the photos in this socket is tested a Russian miniature triode 6? I bought the kit when living in the UK, then moved to Tasmania for a while where the u Tracer was assembled and tested.

It was only when I moved back to the UK that the case was eventually completed.

I ran it with the RS232 interface initially through an external USB adapter. In the future I will build a little case, now I made quick and dirty noval and octal adapters to measure el84 pentode, ecc 83 85 88 double triode, and el34 6l6 6p3s.

With the internal USB board I installed the u Tracer just appears as a COM port when its power is turned on and everything works normally after that. I'm sure my u Tracer is going to be a very handy device on my electronics bench. Thank you from Germany Freddy Utsch 20th of July 2017, Andreas Neuffers u Tracer and especially the tube adapters are a remarkable piece of craftsmanship!

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Fr weitere Rhrensockel werde ich in einem separaten Gehuse unterbringen. Mit freundlichen Grssen aus der Schweiz Eric Kunz 6th of August 2017, Freddy Utschs u Tracer is working and he sent be some pictures of a typical first Beta test! After the little problem with the USB rs232 Converter(now I go directly to RS232 on my Systemboard) it works really great. On the front the power and the anode voltage LEDs are located.